How do I upgrade my subscription plan?

Peter Damicone -

Are you ready to upgrade your account from your Basic plan to a Plus plan? That is great news! You'll be able to gain access to our Project Files, Tests and Quizzes, Certificates, and files from our Asset Library. Here is a step by step process on how to upgrade your account successfully:


1. Click your name, then click "My Account"How_to_upgrade_step_1.png

2. Click "Billing & Plan" in your navigation plan to the left of your screen


3. Click the "Upgrade" button under the Plus plan description.


4. Finally, Click the "Update" button. Please note that the amount that you will be charge will be the difference between the Basic and Plus plan, $20 minus the time left on your subscription. This amount will be calculated per account and located in the area in the "due today" area.



This step-by-step instruction should help you upgrade your account. If you would like a quick shortcut to your Billing and Plan page to upgrade or find anything else associated with your subscription, find it here:

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