Pluralsight and Digital-Tutors Announcement FAQs

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About the Announcement

Who is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is the leading online training resource for dev and IT professionals. For over 10 years they have been helping tech professionals and companies stay on top of trends and changes in technology. With a team of over 140 and growing (including us), they too are dedicated to helping change the world through education and affordable online training.


Why was Digital-Tutors acquired by Pluralsight?

We like to think of it as a win, win, win situation. This move would never have been made without the utmost consideration for our members and employees who have been with us for 13 years. By joining forces with Pluralsight, three major wins will be realized for everyone involved.

Members will now see more training immediately through access to Pluralsight, and also a large wave of more Digital-Tutors training as we have the resources to grow like never before (including more tutors to go deeper into creative subjects and software). We know the next few months and the future will be very exciting for new training options and possibilities, like the new $29 plan.

The Digital-Tutors team now has more resources to create the training mentioned above, focus on continuing to improve the online learning experience and reach more creative professionals all around the world.

With the Pluralsight and Digital-Tutors training libraries combined, we can now also help more organizations provide complete training to the tech and creatives that need to stay on top of all of the latest techniques, workflows and technology.


Read more about the announcement here.

What does this mean for Digital-Tutors?

More resources to keep doing what we've been dedicated to doing for over 13 years: helping artists, designers and all creatives learn the skills they need to have successful creative careers.


What's going to change on Digital-Tutors in the future?

Nothing will be changing on Digital-Tutors for the foreseeable future outside of being a Pluralsight company. New subscription plans are now available to bring consistency to both libraries. As we continue to grow we will evaluate how best to serve our members and find ways to keep bringing you the best learning resource and experience.


Digital-Tutors and Pluralsight Training


What kind of training does Pluralsight offer?

Pluralsight's library of over 1,400 courses offers training for dev and IT, covering topics from Android and iOS to Programming and HTML 5. Explore the entire Pluralsight library or see some training highlights in the announcement post.

How do I access both training libraries and websites?

Whether you are a Digital-Tutors member or Pluralsight member, we have created a single-sign-on system that lets you access both sites using the same username and password you created.


To log in and access both sites and all training, log in on the site you created your account. You will then be able to easily move back and forth between both sites.

To make any account adjustments, simply go to the account area on the website you originally joined.


How are demo accounts handled on both sites?

If you are a demo member, here is what you can view on each site:


On Digital-Tutors: both sites' demo members will have access to select courses and free initial lessons (the first 10% of each course) throughout the library. There is no time restriction.


On Pluralsight: Digital-Tutors demo accounts will not have access to Pluralsight training until purchasing a Digital-Tutors subscription. You can explore while logged in, but will only be able to view training once you become a subscriber.


Can I access the Pluralsight offline player and mobile apps?

This functionality is currently active with our Android app and iOS is coming soon.  

To log into our Android app when your primary account lives on Pluralsight Creative/Digital Tutor's, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the app store
  • Search Pluralsight
  • Download and install our app
  • Launch our app
  • Tap Sign in
  • Tap Authorize Device on the app's sign in screen
  • Take the code that is generated and enter in on your Account's device page here
  • That will log you into our mobile app and allow you to use our mobile app

 Please contact if you run into any issues or have any questions.

 *Offline Player access through Pluralsight is also still under construction.  


Will Digital-Tutors training releases slow down?

No. We will continue to release new training every day and are going to start releasing 8-11 courses a week in the near future! Pluralsight has no plans to slow down their training releases either.

Where do I go for site and subscription support for each site?

For website, log-in and video issues, contact the support team on the website where you are experiencing the issue.

For account, billing or subscription issues, contact the support team on the site you purchased or want to purchase the account.


Digital-Tutors support:


Pluralsight support:


What if I have a paid subscription on both sites?

Then you have correctly predicted the future! Contact either sites' support team and we will gladly assist you.

What if I am a member of a group or enterprise account?

You too have complete access to both training libraries.


Where do I go if I'm interested in adding licenses for a group or enterprise account with the new library updates? 

Learn more about Digital-Tutors group accounts or contact


Learn more about Pluralsight business and enterprise accounts or contact your representative to add licenses.


New Pricing and Plans


What's included in the new PLUS ($29/$299) subscription plan?

The new Plus  plan includes unlimited viewing, new training every day, progress tracking and access to Learning Paths.


(Plus plans include all Basic features, and: offline access, project files, asset library access, certificates, and Quizzes and Tests)

If I have a subscription from before the announcement, will my plan renew at the same price I purchased?

Yes, you will continue to enjoy the original price at which you purchased for as long as your subscription remains active.


Can I downgrade my Plus plan?

Yes, you can downgrade to a Basic plan at anytime in your 'My Account' section under billing.


Can I upgrade my plan if I purchase a Basic plan?

Yes, you can upgrade at anytime to a Plus plan in your 'My Account' section under billing.


Can I still cancel at anytime?

Yes, you may cancel your subscription before any renewal date in your 'My Account' section under billing. You will still have access through the end of your plan.

What happens if I have a semi-annual subscription that will no longer be offered?

We don't want anyone to lose the plan they purchased. Semi-annual subscribers will continue to renew as a semi-annual subscriber for as long as your subscription remains active. Should you end your subscription, you can then purchase a monthly or annual subscription.

What payment options does Digital-Tutors offer?

Credit and debit card, Paypal, purchase order, money order and wire transfer.


More Help

Who will help me with my Pluralsight technical and training questions?

Pluralsight includes commenting on video pages for help troubleshooting or answering questions.



Will I get multiple newsletters now?

You will currently only get newsletters from the website you originally subscribed. Both Pluralsight and Digital-Tutors will include small call-outs on newsletters to courses both audiences may be interested in viewing.

If you would like to receive newsletters for the secondary site, you can sign up here:



Where do I go with more questions?

Contact the Digital-Tutors support team or the Pluralsight support team for any questions!

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