The Sunset of BackPack & Offline Player for Digital-Tutors

Walter Swenke -

The Backpack feature and Offline Player for Pluralsight Creative is no longer available and installed apps for the software on your desktop will no longer work as expected.

You will not be able to play downloaded videos, or download new videos. We encourage you to try out the Pluralsight iOS and Andriod apps.

From there you can bookmark and download courses to view on your mobile device. You can follow the link here for instructions on how to install the mobile app for Pluralsight using your Digital-Tutors credentials.

At this time, the Pluralsight Offline app for offline viewing for Mac/PC is not available for Pluralsight Creative (Digital-Tutors) members until migration.

You have any additional questions, you may contact us at and we are happy to assist.

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