Are you having trouble receiving emails from Digital-Tutors?

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About Spam Blockers:

Are you having trouble receiving emails from Digital-Tutors? The most common fix for this is to add either all mail from the domain or to the Safe Senders list in your email application. The process for ensuring successful delivery may vary depending on your email provider. Please choose your email provider from the list below for instructions on how to add Digital-:

Instructions for Accounts
Instructions for Yahoo! Accounts
Instructions for Gmail Accounts

All Other Email Accounts

Number-01.pngPlease check your ISP's rules for blocking emails and treating them as Spam.

Number-02.pngFollow the instructions to let your ISP know that you want to receive emails from

Number-03.pngTry adding to your Address Book.


Are You Using These ISPs?

Below you will find several ISPs that seem to block our emails the most. If you have an account with any of them, please make sure you check into their blocking rules.  They may have special filtering rules in place that is causing our emails to be queued up and not delivered to you. If

  • various educational institutions (please contact your school IT department for assistance)
  • various companies (please contact your company IT department for assistance)


If you followed all of the above steps correctly, then congratulations! You have successfully allowed Digital-Tutors to send you important emails regarding your account. If you have question regarding the above content, please feel free to email


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