Where can I find information regarding my subscription auto-renewing?

Dale Ann Gomez -

As outlined in our Terms and Conditions, your purchase from Digital-Tutors is a subscription that automatically renews unless you cancel your account. You may review our full Terms and Conditions by clicking this link. Please follow the steps below to find your specific subscription renewal date.

Number-01.png Click on your name to open the My Account dropdown

Please note: You must be logged into your account to see this link and access the "My Account" page.


Alternatively, you may access the "My Account" page by clicking this link.

Number-02.png Click on Billing & Plan on the left side menu


Number-03.png The Auto-Renewal date is beneath your billing and plan information


If you need assistance at any time throughout this process, please contact our customer service team via email: helpdesk@digitaltutors.com.

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