How do I cancel my subscription?

Dale Ann Gomez -

Considering canceling your Digital-Tutors account? While we understand that things come up, Digital-Tutors has some options to help you so you don't have to stop watching and learning: 

Not sure there’s anything left to watch next? We can help:

  • Explore our expansive selection of Learning Paths that are expertly crafted by our tutors to help you plan out which training to watch when learning a specific software or subject.
  • Try learning secondary apps to help you work faster. See which apps offer free trials to start learning them now.
  • Watch advanced courses that focus on skills and workflows over the software chosen.


 Lack of time? Find ways to make more of it:

  • Our entire library is available on your tablet or smart phone with our on-the-go mobile training.
  • Make your downtime a learning time and take 12 tutorials offline with Backpack. Learn anywhere without being tethered to the internet! Before class, at lunch or traveling.


Lack of budget?

  • We recently changed our Plus plans to match the Basic plan pricing ($29),which allows you to keep learning and save some money at the same time. .
  • Contact our support team today and they can also see what other options might be available to you too. (


After those wonderful ideas for new ways to keep learning, here’s how you can go about canceling an active account:

Number-01.pngClick on your name at the top of the site and then click on "My Account"

Please note: You must be logged into your account to see this link and access the "My Account" page.

Alternatively, you may access the "My Account" page by clicking this link.

Number-02.pngClick the "Billing & Plan" link on the left menu


Number-03.png Click the "Cancel Subscription and Learning" link


Note: While we would appreciate your taking the time to tell us how our service can be improved, this step is completely optional. 

If you need assistance at any time throughout this process, please contact our customer service team via email:

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    Marco Belletti

    If I cancel at the middle of the month, but I payed for the whole month, the cancellation will start at the end of the payed period, right?

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    FromHell Alex

    Marco Belletti, I have the same question. I want to cancel the next money charge, but the last one happend yesterday. So, I'd like to use DT due to next month.

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    Walter Swenke


    You can cancel your subscription at anytime before your renewal, and you will still continue to have access through the end of your plan.

    If you have additional questions, please feel free to create a help ticket with us as we are happy to assist.


    Customer Service Team

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    Mil Bagul

    IS there a simple account hold method, which can activate a temporary hold on the account?

  • 0
    Li Quanzhou
    I want to cancel the automatic renewal of my membership account. Follow the instructions on your system to help: my account does not cancel my subscription. Therefore, I seek your help. Thank you
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