What do I get with a Plus subscription plan?

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Confused about our subscription plans? You have come to the right place. This FAQ is to help explain what you will get when you sign up for the Plus subscription plan.

With a Plus subscription plan, you will receive: 

100% Access:

With our Plus and Basic plan, you will gain 24-7 streaming access to our entire tutorial library. That means you can log on at any time and view any tutorial that you desire. We do not restrict access to certain software.

Project Files:

Our Plus plan will give you access to Project Files for every course that offers them. These Project Files contain the files that our tutors used to complete their project created during a course. Here is a FAQ explaining how you can download these Project Files with your Plus plan.

Offline Player access:

The Offline Player we offer lets our users with a Plus subscription download courses right to your hard drive and view them through our Offline Player application. You can find out more information about our Offline Player by clicking here and this helpful video

Tests and Quizzes:

For eligible courses, we provide quizzes and tests for our users. Our quizzes show up at the end of every individual video or lesson and a test can be taken at the end of a course to further evaluate your new knowledge. You can find out more information about our evaluation system by clicking here.

Asset Library:

Do you ever find yourself saying, "I wish I just had this model rigged already so I can start animating."? We sure have. That is why we have created an Asset library of 3D models and fully rigged characters so you can skip the hard stuff and dive into your project. You can find out more here. 


Once you complete a test or viewing a course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate a Completion. These Certificates can be printed out in .PDF form . This .PDF comes with a unique code which can be verified through www.cgverify.com. You can find out more information about our Certificates here.


This is what you will receive if you upgrade to a Plus subscription plan. If you're interested in our Plus plan, feel free to upgrade through your account here or through our pricing page, here.

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