What certificates does Digital-Tutors offer?

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Digital-Tutors offers certificates so you can prove what you've learned to co-workers, employers, teachers or whomever you'd like. There are two types of certificate. Watch the video below to learn about these two types of certificates.

Here is a quick overview of the differences between the two types of certificates.

Step 01 Certificate of Completion

  • Earned by: Watching an entire course all the way through (100%)
  • Accounts that can earn: Demo, Monthly  (Basic & Plus), Annual (Basic & Plus), Group Accounts
  • Accounts that can download and access Certificates: Monthly Plus, Annual Plus, Group with Plus access
  • Shows name: Yes
  • Shows course name: Yes
  • Shows date earned: Yes
  • Shows course runtime: Yes
  • Verified through CGVerify.com: Yes

Step 02 Certificate of Achievement

  • Earned by: Getting a passing grade on a course test
  • Accounts that can earn: Demo, Monthly, Semi-Annual, Annual, Group Accounts
  • Accounts that can download: Monthly Plus, Annual Plus and Groups with Plus access. 
  • Shows name: Yes
  • Shows course name: No
  • Shows date earned: Yes
  • Shows course runtime: Yes
  • Verified through CGVerify.com: Yes

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