Tests: Can I take a test more than once?

Dan LeFebvre -

You can, but not necessarily right away.   There is a seven day waiting period for each of the first two retakes and then after that if you still would like to retake the test there is a 30-day waiting period between each retake.  If you have decided to take the test for the first time before watching the course all the way through, then you can retake the test again as soon as you have watched the course all the way through.

So retaking tests works like this:

  • First take at any time
  • Retake available after 12 hours
At any point if you have not already watched the course all the way through you can unlock retaking the test by getting your Certificate of Completion (watching the course to 100%).  If you have already watched the course and earned your Certificate of Completion then you must wait the times mentioned above to retake the test.
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